How does Freshflows fit into your existing workflow?

We understand that in theory, team’s process needs are linear, but in reality, there are a lot of detours and updates in the processes on a case to case basis.

Hence, Freshflows can be tailor-made without the burden of tedious customization, configurations or specific know-how. Each team can customize Freshflows according to their needs:

  1. Product Managers - can maintain and nurture the product backlog, prioritize and share roadmap with all teams for planning
  2. Designers - can share and maintain the latest version of your wireframes and prototypes, manage design tasks and share research findings
  3. Dev teams - plan dev releases and individual tasks, share updates about work-items which are in-progress and features delivered to production
  4. Marketing team -  can create and communicate the go-to-market strategy for the product/releases
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